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Have you ever wondered how many Pay TV service providers we have in Uganda?

azam decoder price in uganda

First of all, someone may ask, what is Pay TV service provider? Azam TV is part of part of Bakhresa group, investing furtively in both local and international content. Recently, Azam introduced a new channel in February, Channel U, which exclusively broadcast only local entertainment and was offered to all Azam subscription packages.

However, if you only need a decoder, you are likely to pay as much as UGX 85, Multichoice has managed to distribute its brand across Africa more than any other company providing TV subscriptions to the public.

However, when Uganda switched from Analog to Digital, we were able to see more companies in the same niche surface as the need for broadcasting digitally grew vast and beyond the sources by that time. Startimes Uganda is the closest to rival Multichoice in the digital world of providing TV services to the public. Startimes provides a satellite service called Startsat available for china and India but payable in Uganda. You can enjoy Startimes remotely via their app for iPhone users or Android.

Gotv Uganda is another Multichoice brand after Dstv in Uganda. Today, Gotv is one of the mostly preferred TV subscription service in Uganda, and its low prices have been a standing factor to its growth, not forgetting the fact that Uganda switched to digital broadcasting.

Zuku Tv gives you exclusive access to 60 regional channels, 5 Documentary channels, 7 religion channels. It is said to be cheaper than other TV subscription and also reliable. They use Orange colored cables to deliver their services to their customers. To get this service, you only need to pay up to UGX 45, and get connected to their service of about 51 channels.

Which Pay TV service provider in Uganda are you subscribed to? Have you considered changing from one Pay TV service to another? Let us keep the conversation going in the comments below. Vote count: 0.


No votes so far! Be the first to rate this post. Sign in. Log into your account.The decoder is full High Definition HDwhich directly settles your mind to the thought of hoping for the best quality picture on your screen.

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It has radio Channels that you can interest yourself in as well. The pay TV service provider is too affordable- if we should all agree because the prices for all the Azam TV packages do not go above UGX 50, and this is what makes Azam special, in addition to giving us a variety of channels, all in favor of our different preferences and tastes. If you are in love with the English premier league for example, Azam TV has got your back.

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The local television stations, Azam TV has not made a mistake to leave out. They will still come in at your most convenient moment with the latest news, television programmes and the local politics you obviously want to keep up with.

Azam TV Uganda brings you the best television entertainment experience. Sit yourself down in the comfort of your living room and watch the world below and beyond on your sofa set. Explore the features on Azam TV Channels, go ahead and record your favorite programs and get yourself away with your favorite games all in full high definition. Azam TV offers different affordable packages with the best television channels all in your pocket convenience. The list below includes the available Azam TV packages.

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The Clouds Plus package has 2 channels, so you can have 2 television channels added to your monthly package if you choose to include the Clouds Plus package to your monthly package. This broadens your experience on Azam TV. Make a decision today and raise your hand for Azam TV. It is ready to give you a solution to your money managing problem. Get a chance to walk yourself all over the world by watching the international news that runs through all the packages.

It comes with a little price you may want to pay off as soon as you finish reading this article. Average rating 3. Vote count: 4. No votes so far! Be the first to rate this post. Sign in. Log into your account. Password recovery. Thursday, January 28, Ask Question Questions. Forgot your password?AzamTV Uganda has announced some significant price cut to its kits and will also give free subscription to its existing customers following persistent appeals by both customers and its agents for more affordable kit and subscription fees.

The new prices will kick in effective 18th September AzamTV Uganda existing customers will enjoy two 2 month free subscription when they pay three 3 months subscription upfront on any packages of their choice. Besides these price reduction, AzamTV Uganda wanted to be committed to continuously improving its content to meet the needs of its customers where all ages can get what to watch from morning to evening making it entertainment for everybody.


Sign in. Log into your account. Privacy Policy. Password recovery. Techjaja Technology with an African Spice. Thursday, January 28, Govt not to lift social media ban soon Techjaja Staff - January 28, Social Media in Uganda remains under general lockdown since the eve of the January 14th general elections and a fortnight later, government maintains that Long Form.

Farooq Gessa Mousal - January 27, The Ministry Farooq Gessa Mousal - January 25, We are no strangers to total internet shutdowns -- a time where all our communication devices are rendered useless in this country. Well, Elon For over 48 hours now, some iPhone users have found themselves logged out of their Facebook accounts.

Azam TV Packages, Prices and channel list on Satellite HD Decoder

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Many Ugandans Now that VPN usage has become second nature to most of us, perhaps it is time we start dipping our feet in more featuresAzam TV is one among the best provider of digital satellite services in tanzania, Kenya, Malawai and Uganda.

Azam Tv provide best and high-quality family entertainment at an affordable price and offers subscribers a wide range of excellent entertainment covering different genres; sports, entertainment, movies, documentaries, kids, lifestyle, music, news and radio.

The headquarters is located in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, where it was founded in and then expand to kenya,uganda and malawi with the intention of expanding to other African countries in the near future.

In this article we have gathered all information about azamtv that you may be looking for so if you are current looking to know anything concerning Azam Tv package or azam tv app then continue reading this post. To offer a wide range of programmes consisting of both international and local channels suitable for families, sports fans and individuals of all ages across Tanzania.

In order to start enjoy different services offered by azamtv one need to start with acquiring an AzamTV decoder and a satellite dish. You can now buy AzamTV kit at a subsidized cost of Kshs. The decoder is loaded with Universal Serial Bus USB through which you can play movies and music and also has a recording function to help you store your favorite programs in external storage for later review. There variety of payment method that We can use to pay for any azam tv packages easly, This including direct pay, M-pesa and any other money transfer service providers that are readly available in the region.

Here we will show you how you can pay for any package from the comfort of your home without any husstle. Airtel users can also pay their Azam Tv package by their mobile. Also you can pay for AzamTV packages through direct line online pay my bills option.

Since founding inAzamTV has been providing best services for subscribers and continually excelled in the market by offering quality and affordable digital satellite services. Also they have best customer services and fast respond through their social media pages and designed mobile app azam tv app.In the event that you want to buy this TV package, at that point we have aggregated for you the list of Azam TV Channels.

There are some incredible shows on the Azam TV Channels. You will discover sports, films, reality, music, news, nearby channels and stimulation for your family on Azam TV Channel List. You will discover distinctive bundles on this satellite Tv package. Averagely, Azam TV Channels have than channels. This forms one of the most affordable pay TV service that is available in eastern Africa region.

azam decoder price in uganda

To enrol to this service, you will need to have a satellite dish and an Azam TV decoder. The Decoder has a USB port which can be used for playing music and movies. Want to get a surprise?

This assures you of high quality pictures for great entertainment. French bouquet features over 60 Azam TV Channels. If you wish you can also include the indian package of 16 channels to the Azam packages with an addition of Ksh If you are a sports fan, you are not left out either.

Later on you will start paying for your Azam TV subscription monthly fee. It also offers Azam TV live streaming. The package guarantees over 85 channels at a monthly cost of only Ksh Some of the channels included in this package are as follows:. The package offers an excess of over 45 channels at the cost of Ksh monthly. The channels available in this package include:.

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UShCondition: Brand New. Free to Air Combo Decoder. Starsat sr-thd hyper. Usb, wifi,3g and youtube. Free To Air Decoder. USh 85, Has over 70 local channels. Startimes Decoder Full Kit. Startimes decoder and dish plus one month subscription full package. Azam Decoder. New azam decoder with one month subscription full package, enjoy the great choice of movies. Digisat Free To Air Decoders. USh 95, Available for wholesale and retail with a warranty.

Delivery fee. Startimes dish and decoder with one month full package subscription. With installation and delivery around entebbe and kampala. All local channels are free of charge, no monthly subscription. Free To Air Digital Decoder. Free to air decoder acceses all local channels delivery allowed.

Hisense 32 inch Digital comes with free to Air decoder.

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Zuku Decoder. New zuku set with 1 monthly subscription full package. Brand new 32 inches smart plus digital and smart tv which use android operating system it has all access to internet it browse and go to youtube netflix and so on it comes with one year warranty it has usb port vga port hdmi When switched on, the backlit led screen churns out images and videos with amazing contrast and details.

azam decoder price in uganda

High def Hisense 32inch With Inbuilt Decoder. Star x 32 inch with inbulit digital decoder hd led tv - black the star-x 32" tv provides rich entertainment right in your living room. It has an led display measuring 24inch and a 10w speaker system. The content that you watc Display size: 24 inches brand : changhong color : black remote control : yes display type : led hdtv : yes revolution x tv type : standard tv audio support format :. Mp3 video support format :.Pro is short for professional.

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Azam TV Packages And Prices in Kenya 2020

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azam decoder price in uganda

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